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Need a keynote speaker?

You've come to the right place.!!  If you're interested in booking me, I'd love to discuss the opportunity to present at your event, whether it's in person or virtual.  

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Speaker and workshop themes

Mindset, Leadership, High Performance Habits, Gratitude, Burnout, Influence, Cultivating Trust, Navigating Hurdles, Optimism, Self-Awareness, Team Dynamics, Resilience,  Workplace Culture, Crafting Your Mission/Vision, Effective Communication, Winning Your Team's Affection, Mind-Body-Spirit, Beliefs, Emotional Intelligence, Facing Uncertainty & the Power of Time.

public speaking

My goal is to deliver you MASSIVE value, so I am happy to discuss specific topics of interest to best serve you and your team.  This is YOUR MOMENT!  When you light up, I light up!

Leave the event feeling inspired, captivated and with action items you can implement immediately to transform and step into a higher level of power.

Road to Change

A different kind of energy

During speaking engagements or workshops, there is something very special and unique with this kind of exchange.  People pay attention in a different way and receive information more freely.  This positive impact opens the door to change!!!

Unlocking potential and professional advancement is just on the other side!!!


tactical Note:

Moving past the surface level and digging deep on a variety of topics helps us build trust and foster connection within our teams.  With unbreakable trust, collectively, there is nothing you and your teams cannot conquer.   

Why a Workshop?

TL;DR: You care.
It shows your team you give a damn. 

You care about their professional growth.  You care about the person and not just the business.  You care about building unity and sparking intellectual discussion. 

With this program / service:


+ up level your team

+ feel inspired to take new action and exceed goals

+ Increase job satisfaction

+ enhance collaboration and trust 

want something like that?

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I can't wait to help you level up leadership. You're about to transform & show up in an entirely different way. Brace for HIGH IMPACT!