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Who was I before Tactical Harmony? 

For over 14 years I was a Special Agent in the Federal Government, mostly with NCIS.  I was BLESSED to not only live in Europe and in 8 different States here in the U.S., but I traveled all over the world visiting 26 countries, including the Middle East, Europe, South America and the Far East.  

I followed an inner calling, and ultimately made a LIFE-CHANGING career move and dipped my toes in the private sector.  Well hello, tech!

Throughout years of global experience, 8 years of which I served in leadership positions, it became CRYSTAL clear how critical holistic leadership is.  HEREIN LIES THE POWER.

It literally is EVERYTHING.  Personally and professionally.

And the SAME EXACT STRATEGIES applied in every country, every culture, every sector, every position, every person.   

What lights me up?!

Mountain livin', quality time with my husband & pups, meditation, holistic everything, nature and really good food.  Always food ;)

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Based in Montana, Rebecca is fiercely committed to serving YOU through courses, coaching, events and more! 

I am no stranger to chaos and high stress. Trust me. Been there! BUT - once I cracked the code and began implementing the mindset & holistic leadership tactics I'm about to show you, everything changed. I collapsed time from where I was, to where I wanted to be. My life became electric. I had such clarity and started living my passions!  My happiness increased tenfold. No joke! It unlocked a part of me I had NO idea existed.  

fun facts: loves scary movies & Roller coasters 

Are you ready to create next level success?




I  lived in Europe for 3 years~!


I utterly adore my Family:  Marko, clover, Diego and Ivy.


happiest when I am outside.  Nature heals.


I am obsessed with a holistic lifestyle. mind-body-spirit is my jam

All about

Raw authenticity, manifestation, emotional intelligence, gratitude, self education, inspired action and extreme ownership.


Bullsh*t, fixed mindset, burnout, running in place, toxicity, band-aid fixes, taking a backseat in your life, playing small and  wasting time. 

agree? we're probably a great fit.

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If you're ready to level up your game - get ready, because your life is about to change.  It is your BIRTHRIGHT to have these strategies at your fingertips. 

My training is hand-crafted with the blueprint I've refined over years of living and working around the world.  

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