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The world is changing at a rapid pace.   Being able to effectively navigate this complex landscape is critical to your success in life and especially in business. 

With the right tools, you're equipped to soar past any limiting beliefs, turn fear into faith and celebrate breathtaking accomplishments.  Nothing is out of reach.  Your journey will be exhilarating!

Are you ready for liberation and abundance?


Having an aligned, energized coach is a pivotal moment in one's career.  It's a pathway you choose when you're ambitious and laser focused on rapid growth.

This is precisely why I offer 1:1 coaching opportunities for business owners AND leaders in other industries.  I understand the extreme significance of personalized time with a coach who can stimulate growth and be a thought partner in creation.  It is your birthright to live your soul's purpose and be liberated in business.  I love nothing more than helping people realize and connect with their untapped power.  It's a beautiful moment to witness. 

I am currently offering a one time mini session OR short/long term packages.  


Mini coaching session

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short/long term packages

destination: greatness

One-time session - 1 hour.   
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Want to move the needle?

think bigger.

Train yourself: Think beyond your current circumstances.  

-Small goals = Small results.
-Bold moves = Bold results. 

Challenge yourself: Identify and break down everything that is holding you back.  Be defined by a captivating future and not your past.  This takes action in the present moment.  With the right mindset and framework, you can overcome and adapt. 

I will push you on this front.  There is power in action.  My focus is YOU.

rebecca's coaching style


Bold: Harness your motivation, fiercely move the needle and enjoy deserved abundance.


Non-judgmental: Psychologically safe space to share, overcome and grow. 


Enthusiastic: Learn to make inspired decisions while in a high energy state. 


Introspective: Gain a deeper level of self-awareness to successfully unlock your potential.

Feeling energized?

With my Coaching


+ Identify & overcome "disrupters" in your life

+ harness the importance of taking massive action

+ reflect & connect back to your values

+ maximize your performance

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Coaching packages

Rebecca has been one of the most influential people in my life, both personally & professionally.  She provides comfort, & most importantly she gave me strength to handle difficult situations & helped me identify strategies for long term success.  I trust her judgment & her advice has helped me through very difficult times.

-Judith, W.

HOW IT WORKs for short + long term packages - the good stuff



To ensure alignment, I will first review your application and if it's determined I would be a great fit for you, then we can discuss the (below) packages. 



Mini, short and long term packages available.  I understand everyone has different needs; thus, an array of packages to suit YOUR needs.  


What you get

For both short & long term packages, you will receive 1:1 syncs, Q&A, LIVE mentorship and unlimited access to my "Tactical Notes" in which I share a variety of strategies.

Blueprint for Success

tactical note:

The tide is turning as it pertains to coaching, which is utterly fantastic.  People are getting serious about owning their future in business.

In a high energy state, you will unlock your highest potential and collapse time...thus, reaching your goals faster! 

Time is so valuable.  If not now, when?

Level up

Regardless of your current circumstance, you CAN improve.  We all can.  But...you have to WANT IT. 

Make yourself a priority. 


ready to join the tactical harmony family?

I can't wait to help you level up leadership.  You're about to transform & show up in an entirely different way.  Brace for HIGH IMPACT!