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What makes a good leader?  

Although leaders will develop their own style over time,  and I certainly did, there are hard-and-fast skills that are vital to win the affection and earn the respect of your team.   

You must lay the proper groundwork to foster a climate of trust.  I repeat, you must lay the proper groundwork.

What does that look like?  I'll show you!

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Investing in yourself is investing in your team

I learned A TON about leadership over the years from Law Enforcement and Military Leaders alike. 

One very important aspect is training and continuous growth.   Otherwise, you become stagnant.  And so will your business or team. 

I founded Tactical Harmony to build ONE place where you can access world class mindset and leadership training and join a community fiercely committed to serving YOU.

For aspiring or current leaders, my leadership training will provide you with my exact framework to be an effective, influential & motivational leader who will empower and guide their team or business to GREATNESS.   

holistic leadership academy
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Interactive leadership training available to you 24/7.  Crafted to fit into a busy lifestyle.

guiding principles

My non-negotiable leadership principles for success. My secret sauce and insider tips!


Accountability is key for sustainability. In our TH circle, we support each other through it all!


Leadership Insights

there is a lot at stake

Ever hear the saying people don't leave jobs, they leave bad managers?  Well, if you even mildly subscribe to this philosophy, then you understand your role as a leader is critical to the success of your team and mission.   

I have great news:

With the right skills and training, you will not only be an amazing leader, but you will build a team with such strength & cohesion that they can withstand any pressure or challenge!



Learn & develop the essential leadership skills for success and high impact


Inspire & empower your team to tackle challenges head-on while executing your mission


Level up:  Join a community of go-getters and evolve in ways you can't even imagine.


Crush your goals:  Create a legacy you are proud of.  Unleash your inner warrior!

Let's go!


As a Special Agent, I came face-to-face with many challenges over the years.  And whew, there were some doozies!! BUT, these opportunities blessed me with many lessons & realizations stemming from the same theme:

The power of the mind.

And now, I am elated to share with you my tried & true mindset strategies that will sweep you off your feet!

tactical note:



Leadership Academy

Interactive training covering all the essentials. Take it slow or take it fast - available 24/7/365.  Complete with action plans & daily tips to keep you on track! 



For those needing a more personalized approach to mindset or leadership. Currently available in short and long term packages.


Public Speaking

Need a keynote speaker for an event?  I'd be happy to support your in-person or virtual event.  

The power of one.

Tactical Note:

Looking back at world history and examining the greatest (and most destructive) leaders, you can easily see how much influence and power one person can have.   We can learn from them all.

When done ethically and dutifully, leaders can operate at the grandest possible scale with their teams and celebrate revolutionary feats!

Always strive to be that kind of leader. 

Are you ready?

Commit to excellence

Totally get it.  It can be quite daunting to start something new - especially when you're stressed.

This is precisely why I created Leadership Academy: It is easy to digest with bite-sized modules made for you.  The little things are the big things.  #discipline

Remember:  Execution > knowledge.  Action changes everything.

With Leadership Academy:


+ operate with extreme ownership

+ train & optimize your mind

+ operate at peak performance


Just scratching the surface...

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I can't wait to help you level up leadership.  You're about to transform & show up in an entirely different way.  Brace for HIGH IMPACT!